Tuesday, January 26, 2010

FACS 1900 Draft Script

A day in the life of Terra and Luna - Script
(a small skit where the Earth and the Moon is represented by two young ladies, presented in a contemporary style)
When the universe exploded, created or whatever you might want to call it, there appeared Terra and Luna. Ever since the universe came to being the two became really close friends. Often they would meet each night cycle just to talk about what's happening on each one.
Cycle 1 - Year 0000 BC
Luna: Hey there, you look beautiful. Your skin looks smooth and radiant.
Terra: Oh hey, yours look beautiful too, but of course mine is a light-year more prettier than yours.
Luna: You're pretty full of yourself, I like you. What's your name?
Terra: Terraliscious, but you can call me Terra for short.
Luna: Is that so, nice to meet you Terra, my name is Luna.

Cycle XXXX - Year XXXX BC
Luna: All of the talk we're having now on the past few cycles is about you bragging how your human inhabitants are advancing on a rapid rate.
Terra: Of course, I'm proud of them. They even worship me as a God. So what's the reason to hate them.
Luna: You'll never know, spoil them too much and it will have a backlash on you. Don't tell me later that I didn't warn you.
Terra: Well who cares, I'm still beautiful. Anyways, what happened to your skin?
Luna: Oh this, a few of those meteorites have been hitting me hard. Not like you, I don't have that invisible protection that you have.
Terra: Yeah, now that you've mention it. I do have this invisible protection that disintegrates the meteorites before making a big hit. But it didn't work so well with the meteor that wiped out the whole dinosaur generation. It left a mark on me, I'm glad it disappeared.
Luna: Maybe it has some limitations as well.
Terra: Maybe, but then again who cares. I'm still more beautiful than you.
Luna: There you go again.
Terra: *lol*
Cycle XXXX - Year 2010 AD
• Terra is all haggard from all the things that had happened to her. Wars, global warming, excessive mining, factories, etc.
• Tattered clothes and some burnt make up would be nice to represent her stress.
• Luna has flags of the nations(ex. America) who reached her surface on her head
Luna: Oh my Terra, you look so haggard this past few hundred years.
Terra: Well you know the humans are busy with their upgrades and what not.
Luna: I warned you. Spoil them too much it will have a backlash on you.
Terra: I know, I know. I've given them some earthquakes and typhoons even tsunamis, but they never seem to learn, even stop their progression.
Luna: Talking about progression, they reached me and even planted a flag on my head.
Terra: Yeah I noticed that too. I could've stopped them launching that thing on you but I hate wasting the efforts of my human inhabitants.
Luna: Hey it seems that you have some dark spots on your skin now. What happened?
Terra: I've learned now that the invisible layer protecting me is called the Ozone Layer. Because of the pollution of the human factories and cars and sprays and etc. it damaged and poked holes on my Ozone layer.
Luna: That's harsh. Also it seems that all the ice from before are melting, but I've never seen it melting so fast.
Terra: The holes on my ozone layer are to blame. The UV rays from Helios are passing through with ease thus heating my skin resulting in a more rapid heating of my whole body. Also all those gadgets the humans have developed big or small, they all emit waves that contribute to rapid heating.
Luna: The humans they did nothing to help you.
Terra: Don't say that. I think I remember this fellow named Al Gore promoting awareness on my current crisis.
Luna: Isn't that just for popularity and money.
Terra: I guess so.
Luna: I thought so.
Terra: Well not all of them are bad. I have these students at a certain university creating a skit to hopefully increase some awareness about my crisis.
Luna: They're kind of awesome aren't they?
Terra: I know right! But I think I'm getting fed up about the human nature, one day I'm just going to snap and then that's it for them.
Luna: Still you have to keep the motherly, caring figure of yours even though you're not as pristine and beautiful as before.
Terra: I know. I think I'll just vent out my feelings through a song I wrote through my entire lifetime. I'm not rapping though.
Luna: Well then let's hear it.
*song plays*
*song ends*
Cycle XXXXX - > fadeout, fadein - > 2012
Helios: Hey Terra isn't it about time.
Terra: Oh yeah.
*fade out*

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  1. hey, after reading your draft it seems like a great presentation. If I wasn't presenting during the same tutorial time slot it would make me want to sit in to see the final product. I really like how you make sure to show the progression of the harmful effects from the carelessness of the human race. found that it had some nice humor undertones, especially with the end. a nice way to set a message across with humor yet seriousness as well.