Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sound 1
- It was me playing Borderlands.
- The song playing in the background was Hold On (alternate version) by Stellar Kart
- The thumping noise is the keyboard, space bar to be exact.
- Originally I was trying to get the sound of the game and the music in sync, but what I got was a more interesting aspect of the sound.
- My theory is that the microphone was not good enough to capture every peak of the sound.
- 2nd theory is the file type of the sound. It didn't support the required kbps of the sound thus resulting in a low quality sound.

Sound 2
- Layer 1 was the fan opening and the fan noise.
- Layer 2 was the sound file of Hare Hare Yukai. It was edited on Cubase just added a simple reverb effect.
- Layer 3 was the sound of my keyboard with me playing Stepmania.

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